Metaphysics of Sound: In Search of The Name of God: A Brief History of the world Beyond the Usual

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Artpf4Elements, 2021 M01 27 - 305 pages
Join Nataša Pantović, Maltese and Serbian researcher of ancient world’s, on a mind-boggling tour of history and sounds - from the Ancient Sumerian Priestess Sin Liturgy right up to the development of Ancient Greek and Cyrillic alphabet. This new novel contains a dialogue between two European cultures, Roman and Greek from an Ancient Slavic perspective, an intimate encounter of Balkan, its history and culture, a glimpse into the evolution of Ancient Egyptian’s, Ancient Maltese, Ancient Greek - Ionic and Slavic sounds

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A Short History of the World Beyond the Usual
The Development of Sound
Neolithic Europe Ggantija Malta 1910
Lepenski Vir Old European Script of Kurgan Culture 5400 BC
Bios Καῖσαρ Nicolaus of Damascus 40 AC
In March 2020 the WHO declares a pandemic
H aDaM and the Magic of Sound
In the beginning was the Word Ἐν ἀρχῇ ἦν ὁ λόγος
Ancient Four Elements Mysticism and the Wheel of Life
unearthing Ancient Egyptian Rosetta Stone 196 BC
Moshes visit to Sinai Mountain 1400 BC
The recount of a tale in Ancient Greek Kingdoms ascribed to Orpheus used
excavation of the Goddess Artemis Temple at Ephesus in Turkey
The Ancient Greek Herodotus Ἡρόδοτος 484 BC

Ancient European Megalithic Dolmen Zhane River Russia 4000 BC
The Greeks and Macedonians an Ancient Debate

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About the author (2021)

Nataša Pantović Nuit MSc Economics, Maltese Serbian Management Consultant, Adoptive Parent and Ancient Worlds’ Consciousness Researcher.

Using stories of ancient Greek and Egyptian philosophers and ancient artists, after being Head of Business Development, Consultant and Trainer of 4 of the largest consulting and IT companies in the UK, Holland, and Malta, I inspire researchers to reach beyond their self-imposed boundaries. Throughout the years, I have represented Malta’s IT outsourcing all around the planet, & been on the Panel of Speakers of the Economist Mediterranean Business Summit in Marseille, France. Whilst volunteering, I have organized 6 large Body, Mind and Spirit Festivals, an International Vegetarian Festival, a 10 day Neolithic Temples Conference,. helped build a school in a remote village of Ethiopia, and have since adopted two kids, as a single mum. Now a published author in Serbian & English since 1991 with 3 novels & 7 non-fiction books.

Speak English, Serbian, all Balkan Slavic languages, and Italian.

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