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While reading the spiritual poetry of Nataša Nuit Pantović I felt how my Being is filled with the divine love and wisdom. Nuit has deep understanding of the richness and beauty of our souls and this wisdom has transferred into her poetry. I am so grateful that she shared this beauty with us to make this world a better and more beautiful place. I feel immensely blessed that I had a chance to read her spiritual poetry. 

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Such an inspiring spiritual poetry book. It is difficult to review the book since each poems deserves a review. If you like poetry and you are into alchemy, spirituality, love, buy this wonderful collection and enjoy your readings! I am very glad that this book of wisdom and beauty came into my hands! I will treasure it dearly!  

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spiritual poetry. I am fascinated with your observation skills. We as your fans are looking forward to your new experiences as you and your kids are growing spiritually and mentally. Your books spread the positive energy through the poems, and inspire our wish to develop ourselves and move our will power to further develop within our lives. 

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I decided to let the poems lead me into the journey of creativity. I did the same as the other artists, use the poems to further create. Whenever I connected to the poem deeply, I used the experience to further create painting my visions of meditation, silence, inner transformation. So my alchemical journey was full of interesting and inspiring turns... I am grateful to Nuit that she took me into this world of re-discovery of 4 elements. I definitely enjoyed the experiment. 

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