A Treatise on the Yoga Philosophy

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E.J. Lazarus and Company, Medical Hall Press, 1882 - 61 pages
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Page 55 - He was taken out in a perfectly senseless state, his eyes closed, his hands cramped and powerless, his stomach shrunk very much, and his teeth jammed so fast together that they were forced to open his mouth with an iron instrument to pour a little water down his throat. He gradually recovered his senses and the use of his limbs; and when we went to see him...
Page 7 - St. Anthony lived 105 years; James the Hermit, 104; Arsenius, tutor of the Emperor Arcadius, 120 ; St. Epiphanius, 115 ; Simeon the Stylite, 112 ; and Homauld, 120 : to which are added many others.
Page 54 - ... believe a little earth was plastered over the whole, so as to make the surface of the grave smooth and compact.
Page 52 - ... key. Surrounding this apartment, there was the garden-house, the door of which was likewise locked, and outside the whole a high wall, having its doorway built up with bricks and mud. In order to prevent any one from approaching the place, a line of sentries was placed and relieved at regular intervals. The strictest watch was kept up for the space of forty days and forty nights, at the expiration of which period the...
Page 50 - They have a method of burying their tongue in the throat, in such a way as to produce suffocation. A friend of mine was passing when a slave was tied up and flogged. After a few lashes, he hung his head apparently lifeless; and when taken down he was actually dead, and his tongue found wedged in the oesophagus so as completely to close the trachea.
Page 53 - I could not feel any pulsation at the wrist, though the temperature of the body was much above the natural standard of health. The legs and arms being extended, and the eyelids raised, the former were well rubbed, and a little ghee was applied to the latter ; the eyeballs presented a dim diffused appearance, like those of a corpse.
Page 53 - ... was placed on the crown, of his head ; a plug of wax was next removed from one of his nostrils, and on this being done, the man breathed strongly through it. The mouth was now opened, and the tongue, which had been closely applied to the roof of the...
Page 47 - Surgeon Paul, who had carefully studied it. It appears from this that the object of the whole system is to induce a state of mystical self-contemplation, tending (as these Hindoo Philosophers believe) to the absorption of the soul of the individual into the Supreme Soul, the Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer of the World ; and that the lower forms of it consist in the adoption of certain fixed postures, which seem to act much in the same way with the fixation of the vision in Mr. Braid's methods....
Page 28 - Padmdsana the same treatise says, that it consists in placing the left foot upon the right thigh, and the right foot upon the left thigh, in holding with the right hand the right great toe, and with the left hand the left great toe, the hands coming from behind the back and crossing each other ; while the chin, rests on the interclavicular space, and the sight is fixed on the tip of the nose. When the command of such postures is attained, Patanjali says, the Yogin does not suffer either from cold...

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