The Flowers of History, Especially Such as Relate to the Affairs of Britain: From the Beginning of the World to the Year 1307, Volume 2

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Page 117 - ... kingdom of England, and all other prerogatives of my crown. I will hereafter hold them as the pope's vassal. I will be faithful to God, to the church of Rome, to the pope my master, and his successors legitimately elected. I promise to pay him a tribute of a thousand marks yearly ; to wit, seven hundred for the kingdom of England, and three hundred for the kingdom of Ireland.
Page 96 - ... head to the knees, which he had been long in the habit of wearing beneath a white garment. In the same month of December, a little before the Nativity of our Lord, there appeared by night, in the province of York, five moons in the heavens, at about the first watch of the night. The first appeared in the north, the second in the south, the third in the west, the fourth in the east, and the fifth in the middle of the first four, having with it many stars ; and this latter one, with its stars,...
Page 18 - Englifh yoke. With this view, he left the court of England, and came into Scotland about the end of this year, or the beginning of the next. John Comyn earl of Badenoch was head of the ADI moft opulent and powerful family at this time in Bruce Scotland.
Page 505 - Havering by name, rose up in the midst of them, and said, "My venerable men, this is the demand of the king — the annual moiety of the revenues of your churches. And if any one objects to this, let him rise up in the middle of this assembly, that his person may be recognized and taken note of, as he is guilty of treason against the King's peace.
Page 352 - England, and in the forest charter ; and we do solemnly pronounce sentence in this form — " By the authority of God the Father Almighty, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, and of the glorious mother of AD 1256.
Page 460 - John has explained to us, are purged after their death, by purgatorial or purificatory penalties, and that, for the alleviation of these penalties, they are served by the suffrages of the living faithful, to wit, the sacrifice of the mass, prayers, alms, and other works of piety that the faithful customarily offer on behalf of others of the faithful according to the institutions of the Church. The souls of those who, after receiving baptism, have contracted absolutely no taint of sin, as well as...
Page 271 - He then began to pray, nearly in these words, " O eternal and merciful God, my Heavenly Father, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and God of all consolation ! I thank thee that thou hast revealed to me thy Son Jesus Christ, in whom I have believed, whom I have preached, whom I have confessed, whom I love and worship as my dear Saviour and Redeemer, whom the pope and the multitude of the ungodly do persecute, revile, and blaspheme.
Page 513 - But one Elias, the archbishop, did not descend with his clergy from their place; nor did the oxen who were supporting the ark of the covenant turn aside to the right hand or to the left. In the meantime, the king sent another man of fifty years of age, belonging to his chancery, and his subordinate officers, and they too made the same request that those who had been previously sent had made. But by all these measures the body of the clergy was not moved from their resolution...
Page 61 - Henry, in 1159 and 1166, supported the anti-Popes against Alexander, and, according to Matthew of Westminster, King Henry II. obliged every one in England, from the boy of twelve years of age to the old man, to renounce their allegiance to Alexander III., and go over to the anti-Popes. Now is it likely that Alexander would give him a rescript, telling him to go to Ireland and settle the ecclesiastical matters there? Alexander himself wrote to Henry, and said to him, " Instead of remedying the disorders...

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