Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents

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Nuit Nataša Pantović, 2015 M04 16 - 228 pages

Conscious Parenting is the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training designed for parents. We use 100s of Transformation Tools and Parenting Exercises that will help you get in touch with your Soul, with Love, and with Patience when dealing with kids. Explore the magic work with: Soul's DiarySpiritual Parenting DiaryDeveloping Parenting Virtues, Mindfulness Meditations, RhythmDay-to-day Routine, Happy Family Structure, Cultivating Relationships, etc.  

Within 12 Modules we examine 12 areas of Life and Implement various Transformation Tools to help you Live your Highest Potential as a Parent.


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Conscious Parenting is a book / course full of wisdom and beauty.
I've read all of Nuit's books and I return to them for inspiration within my day-to-day existence. Her Alchemy of love books
transfer me into a different space and level of consciousness, they bring me back my meditations, my efforts to change the world, my dreams and they inspire me to live my highest potential.
Conscious Parenting is about positive parenting methods, simplicity, yoga, green, mindful parenting. It is about challenging the structure of rewards and punishment, about understanding these wonderful souls that came to Earth to be our children and learning how to listen to our kids.
Whether it is the choice of healthy nutrition, or my constant reminder about my thought processes, the training of the feelings or the reminder to live within the conscious relationships, Conscious Parenting Course takes me on a long journey of self discovery.
I filmed my experiences and created various art-works while 'working' on the exercises recommended within the book. I followed my creative flow beautifully. The synchronicity kept occurring within my life while I was practicing compassion: the books that came to me during this week were all about non-violence, compassion and non-violent communication.
The book kept the beauty and the wisdom within the firm structure that at the end of the journey opened vast amounts of paths and further discoveries. Conscious Parenting Course ended with the module called: Spiritual Journey that invited all of us to start this amazing journey after we have finished the book exploration. From self-development into spiritual-development. Wow, what an invitation!

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An Inspiring, Valuable, Worth reading course with Great tools.
I never read parenting advice books because my opinion usually differs from the rest I am into green parenting, simplicity parenting
, love parenting (if such a thing exists ), soul parenting, so I found Nuit’s approach to be just a great nourishment for the soul. Working on our self-development holistically and as a family we empower our kids with love, beauty and creativity.
I found Conscious Parenting to be a very practical guide to day-to-day mindfulness game with some beautiful exercises. My work was challenging but inspiring. With Conscious Parenting we (our little family) followed the structure yet stayed firmly within the setting of freedom, followed the regular bed-time, healthy food, a proper exercise regime, and yet we were leaving lots of space for creativity, for games, for surprises, for love.
My life constantly reminds me of how difficult our job as parents is, and yet I truly wish to always come back to love. A health practitioner by profession I understand the importance of taking care of our bodies first yet because of my busy life-style I needed to 'switch-off' and center and the course 'cry' for the routine gave me this needed 'centering', roots, and a happy home to return to. Very grateful for the wisdom and care put into this course. Must try!

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Commitment Contract
Conscious Parenting Main Principles
Module 1 Body
Module 2 Your Home
Module 3 Conscious Unconscious Thinking
Module 4 Time Life Wasters
Module 5 Feelings
Module 6 Core Beliefs
Module 7 Relationships
Module 8 Our Greater Surrounding
Module 9 Your Dreams
Module 10 Your True Goals
Module 11 Spirituality
Module 12 Spirituality You

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About the author (2015)

Nataša Pantović Nuit is a poet, a writer, and a spiritual researcher that lives and works in Malta.

Always fascinated with energies of: Love, Divine, Mind, Tantra, Alchemy, Tao, living one's Highest Potential I've read 1,000s of books exploring these subjects. I learned from many gurus and sages of our past and present. 

Natasha Pantovic Nuit Personal Highlights or some weird and wonderful things about me:

- BSc Economics, Belgrade
- I never had a TV or a mobile phone.
- Traveled through more than 150 countries and lived in 5: UK, New Zealand, Holland, Serbia and Malta
- After helping to build a school in a remote area of Ethiopia, entered the most amazing world of parenthood adopting two lovely children from Ethiopia as a single mother (now imagine that!). 
- My first book was published in 1991 in Serbia and was a research work about: Contracts for Companies and Individuals, Serbia.
- 5 years within Management Consultancy, Malta Office of the Prime Minister
- 10 years as Head of Business Development of Crimsonwing (an IT company), living in the UK and Malta doing business development, marketing and management consulting, work with likes of Hyder UK, Barclay Kenya, Safeway UK, etc.
- Trainer and Facilitator of Communication and Creativity Workshops in: Mindfulness, Leadership, Communication, Magic of Creativity, etc.
- 25 years of experience in Yoga and Meditation, 25 years of yogic life-style, Sivananda Certified Yoga Teacher
- Organizer of 6 Body, Mind and Spirit Festivals in Malta
- Keen interest in exploring Megalithic Temples. One of the organizers of 10 days Megalithic Conference in Malta
- Regularly publish Articles on Self-Development and Personal Growth
- Learned how to roller-blade at the age of 25, had my first piano lesson at the age of 30, and started learning Chinese when I was 40
- My children are my biggest Conscious Parenting Teachers: Ema is now 12 and Andrej is 9. They love and train basketball, act within a Music Theater Group and were Chess Champions of Malta.
- My soul is the one of a nomad and during my life-time I visited more than 150 countries, set foot on all the continents, and lived in five countries: Serbia, Holland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Malta. During my life-time I visited Rome more than 50 times and I hope to visit this magic city another 50 times, I explored all the corners of Europe: visiting Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany 20-30 times. My friends are from all around the globe. My home is in Amsterdam, London, Belgrade, Sliema, Rome, Mostar, Sydney, Lisbon, Madrid wherever I found my heart beating the same rhythm.

- In 2012 published the Art of 4 Elements Spiritual Poetry Book with 3 other artists: Jason Lu, Christine Cutajar and Jeni Caruana. This was the launch of the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training.

- In 2014 we published 4 books:
- A Guide to Mindful Eating with 45 Veggie Recipes, Veggie Chef Mirjana Musulin
- Mindful Eating with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes, Raw Vegan Chef Olivera Rosic
- Mindful Being Course (with 100s of mindfulness exercises and tools)
- Conscious Parenting Course, with precious help of Ivana Milosavljevic (Masters in Special Needs Education) and 

- In 2015 published: 
- A Guide to Mantra Chanting with Best Chords
- 2016 will see the publishing of my novel: A-Ma, The Alchemy of Love.

My novel A-Ma, and the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Training Books all have as their main theme our alchemy transformation, the alchemy of love, the alchemy of soul, our everlasting quest to find the gold within, discovering the stone that transforms metals into gold.

The audience for my books is anybody interested in poetry, spirituality, inner-development, esoteric or occult teachings, alchemy, tantra, inspirational writings, and New Consciousness. At the moment my kids are actively teaching me how to be a more loving, mindful and conscious parent, so if you are into conscious parenting, and wish to nurture creativity within your kids, check our Conscious Parenting Mindfulness Training.

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